Luna Kills, St. Aurora, Delta Enigma

lauantai, 18.5.2024 - Lutakko

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Kolme nuorta, loistavaa ja taidokasta kotimaista nousevaa bändiä Lutakossa yhtenä iltana. Ennakkolippu alk. 3 euroa, Jelmun jäsenet ilmaiseksi. Ilmainen narikka.

Young, splendid and extremely talented: Finland is without a doubt one of the countries which offers the global music market incessantly rising artists. On May 18th three of the hottest names will be performing an exclusive all ages show in Lutakko, Jyväskylä.

Throughout the past years LUNA KILLS established themselves as one of the most exciting acts of the Finnish music scene. Known for intense melodies paired with the right dose of toughness, their latest releases “we were born to die”, “deep cuts” and “super sick” have been heavily rotated on YleX, Radio City, Radio Rock and many other radio stations. ST. AURORA gained a lot of attention for their latest single “Going to Heaven” which got featured in the popular “Cyperpunk” game. But not only their recorded material teems with high level energy but also their crazy live performances. The three band bill will be completed by DELTA ENIGMA. The band from Kotka is delivering high-class melancholic tunes since day number one.

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