THE BEST WAY: You will benefit the most if you become Jelmu’s member while buying a concert ticket: Add a normal priced (max 30 euros) ticket to any concert you like to your basked, proceed to checkout and tick the box “I want to become a Jelmu member or renew my old membership”. You will pay 30 euros for both, the membership AND the concert ticket. You will practically get a free ticket for the concert this way. The membership is valid for 12 months after the membership payment. If you are a new member we will deliver your membership number to your email within a few days (during holiday times this might take longer). Old members will have the same membership number as before. You will get your membership card when you arrive at Lutakko by asking for it from the ticket stand.

ANOTHER WAY: If you do not wish to get a free concert ticket as a joining benefit, you can become a Jelmu member by filling the form below. In this instance, we will send your membership card by post within a few days (during holiday times this might take longer).


As a member of Jyväskylän elävän musiikin yhdistys Jelmu ry you will get a discount from nearly all of Lutakko’s concert tickets (usually 1-2 euros) and the cloakroom will always be free of charge (normal cost is 3 euros per use). You will also get a discount from Lutakko t-shirts and other Lutakko products. There might occasionally be other membership benefits as well. Jelmu’s membership does not obligate you for anything. You can become a member simply to support the cause regardless of whether you go to concerts or not.

Membership benefits are always personal. Your membership number can only be used to buy one membership priced ticket per concert. It is not possible to buy Jelmu’s membership as a gift. The person joining as Jelmu’s member must personally buy the membership.


NB Use this form to become a member only if you do not wish to gain a free ticket to a chosen concert as a joining gift.

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